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Jan Taminiau



Max. Breedte







Custom (op aanvraag)




18mm, 22mm



Custom design

This carpet can be designed and made in any desired size and shape. The shown images for the colors are based on a square rug.

Jan Taminiau and Indivipro

Jan Taminiau: “The reason I started creating carpets and said yes to this amazing collaboration is simply because it’s something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. As a child, I always fantasized about dresses, and interior design was always a part of that. But until now, I never had the time or took the opportunity to pursue it.

When the offer came from Indivipro, it was an immediate yes for me. It seemed fun, even exhilarating. From there, I set out to create, trying to stay as true to myself as possible by combining my embroidery techniques, painting skills, and weaving art. I aimed to merge the materials in a unique way and give the carpet the highest possible sensitivity.

I am incredibly proud of the carpet we are presenting here. The organic shapes interwoven within it and the detailed way we played with colors make it truly special. It contains 32 different colors, all blending into each other to create a high level of color sensitivity. I am really proud that we were able to do this together and that these carpets are now ready. I am very curious to see how they will fit into customers’ homes and how people will experience them. It is important that when you see the carpet, it evokes a sense of fullness and richness. Very “huggable,” I want to cuddle with it, lie on it. And visually, it is also very appealing, making it a part of your home and your home experience.

The Inspiration for the design

The inspiration for this carpet stems from my childhood fascination with stains – how they form and then fade from intense to faint shades. I marveled at a drop of water slowly spreading from intense to subtle, or the ink from my fountain pen gradually flowing from intense to vague as I doodled at school. In my mind, these occurrences often conjured landscapes with a horizon, a world of fantasy. In fact, my en-tire career has been dedicated to ‘playing’ with this concept, striving to replicate the behavior of stain formation.

In the carpet, named Blurry Horizon, the flow of colors is vividly evident. One pigment displaces the other, a technique reminiscent of the marbling technique we utilized in crafting dresses, akin to those seen inside book covers.Throughout the creation of this carpet, after extensive experimentation, we successfully achieved this effect by employing a mix of different yarns. The organic shape further enhances the illusion of stains, giving the impression that colors seamlessly blend into each other when the carpet adorns the floor.

I am immensely proud and delighted with the result, and it undoubtedly leaves me yearning for more opportunities to explore this artistic endeavor further.

Growing up in a family of antique dealers, I have always had a passion for interiors. To me, interior design is akin to creating an intricate couture embroidered dress, where each element must be carefully placed to make it special and unique. That is why I am proud to have designed my first carpet in collaboration with Indivipro.

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